Podgorica, 30. september 2021.

    U okviru projekta “Green thinking for greener community” objavljen je Javni poziv srednjim školama. Ovim putem se pozivaju srednje škole u Crnoj Gori da uzmu učešće u ovom projektu kroz koji će dobiti stručnu i tehničku pomoć u osnivanju „climate change clubs“ u školama, računanju carbon footprint-a za škole i pripremi prijedloga projekta za školu u vezi sa zaštitom životne sredine i klimatskim promjenama.

    U nastavku mozete preuzeti:

    Javni poziv za skole

    Prijavni forumular

  • 2 A national study: ′′How migration, human capital and labour Market interact in Montenegro”

    A working meeting was held today, within which the draft version of the study – ′′How migration, human capital and labour Market interact in Montenegro” was presented. This study is part of a regional project that looks at migration trends of the Western Balkan countries over the past decade. Also, the study discusses the effects of these movements on the human capital and the labor market in the countries. According to UN data, only 4,027 people have left Montenegro in the last ten years. However, the data on the movements of Montenegrin emigrants towards the Western European countries show that their number is now as much as five times higher than ten years ago. The largest group among those who leave is made up of low-qualified. Also, the findings of the study emphasize that in Montenegro there is no such trend as so-called “brain drain”, but rather a trend of “brain gain”.

    viber_image_2021-06-01_13-49-32 viber_image_2021-06-01_13-49-47

  • 3 Kick-off meeting: Green Thinking for Greener Community Project

    Podgorica, April 26th 2021

    Under the project “Green thinking for Greener Community” ISSP has organized Kick off meeting with representatives of Centre for Climate Change, Natural Resources and Energy, Bureau for Education of Montenegro and Public Works Administration which monitors realisation of the project. The implementation of the planned activities for the next period was discussed at the meeting

  • 4 ISSP researchers discussed at 25th Milocer Development Forum

    Podgorica, October 23, 2020

    Association of Economists and Managers of Montenegro, in cooperation with University of Donja Gorica and Baltic Management Development Association organized the twenty fifth Milocer Development Forum on October 23, 2020 at University of Donja Gorica. The topic of this year’s Forum was: “Demystifying digitalization”. ISSP researchers Mr. Vojin Golubovic and Mr. Milika Mirkovic discussed about research results on digitalization in Montenegrin companies.

  • 5 New policy analysis

    Podgorica, 18th September 2020

    Three policy analysis written by ISSP researchers as part of European Social Policy Network (ESPN), has been recently published by European Commission.

    All publication could be downloaded on ISSP’ website in section ISSP Publications



  • 6 New paper published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing

    UK, 1st July 2020

    Paper ”Transition to work or higher education in Montenegro – factors affecting students’ decisions”, written by ISSP researchers is published in the book Social Exclusion and Labour Market Challenges in the Western Balkans by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    You may buy the book here.

  • 7 Membership in EESPN

    Podgorica, 12th March 2020

    Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses became a member of the Eastern European Social Policy Network (EESPN). This network is an initiative of the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (European Centre). Network brings together researchers, policy advisers and representatives of public authorities working in the field of social welfare policy. The researchers within network are with diverse professional, geographical, and academic backgrounds and interests but are united in a common vision for more efficient and equitable social policies in the countries of the EU, Eastern Partnership (EaP) and EU (potential) candidate countries. The work of the EESPN has three main pillars: (1) Knowledge exchange and transfer; (2) Development of joint research projects and policy advice; (3) Networking and generating public fora. Vojin Golubovic represents the ISSP within the network.

  • 8 5th Conference of the LSEE Research Network on Social Cohesion in South East Europe

    Belgrade, 21-22 November 2019

    ISSP researchers participated to 5th Conference of the LSEE Research Network on Social Cohesion in South East Europe - Economic and social inclusion in an age of political uncertainty in South East Europe, which was held at University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics. Conference has been organized by LSEE Research on Southeast Europe (LSEE) and EBRD. Ms. Jadranka Kaludjerovic, Mr. Vojin Golubovic and Mr. Milika Mirkovic presented paper “In-work poverty in Montenegro”.

  • 9 ISSP presented research results at “Investing in the early ages – Conference on fiscal and administrative imperatives for ECD”

    Podgorica, 22-23 Novembar 2019

    ISSP presented results of research on current state of Early Childhood Development in Montenegro at conference which was organized with the support of UNICEF an-d the University of Donja Gorica. For this purpose, ISSP prepared three studies: Overview of ECD services in Montenegro, ECD Investment case in Montenegro and The way forward: policy options for cross-sectoral collaboration on ECD and presented main results and broad overview of ECD services in Montenegro was provided for the first time.

    Photo: UNICEF Montenegro/DuškoMiljanić

  • 10 Participation in round table: Absolute vs. Relative Poverty

    Podgorica, October 17, 2018

    ISSP participated at the round table: Absolute vs. Relative Poverty, organized by Montenegrin Academy of Science and Arts (Committee for Economic Sciences and Committee for Demography and Anthropology), University Donja Gorica (UDG) and MONSTAT. The round table brought together experts from various national and international institutions and organizations, including President of the Committee for Economic Sciences and Committee for Demography and Anthropology at CANU and Rector of UDG Professor Veselin Vukotic, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Kemal Purisic, Head of UNICEF in Montenegro, Mr. Osama Makkawi, etc. ISSP representative at the round table was Mr. Vojin Golubovic who had speech on social component in growth models.

  • 11 ISSP researchers at “BLOCKCHAIN – THE NEW ARCHITECTURE OF THE WORLD Conference”

    Tivat,  October 3-5, 2018

    ISSP researchers participated at international conference “Blockchain – The New Architecture of the World” which was organized by Boris Mints Institute from Tel Aviv. The conference aimed to provide a basic understanding of the potential of distributed ledger technologies applications outside of cryptocurrency, and the different ways in high they are being implemented and integrated into society – via the private and public sectors, as well as international organizations, both government and non.

  • 12 ISSP at high-level expert conference: : Labour Market Reforms in the WB and Turkey – More and Better Jobs for Inclusive Growth and Prosperity

    Budva, October 2-3, 2018

    Representatives of ISSP Ms. Jadranka Kaludjerovic and Mr. Vojin Golubovic participated at the high-level expert conference: Labour Market Reforms in the WB and Turkey – More and Better Jobs for Inclusive Growth and Prosperity. Conference was organized by European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. The conference brought together senior level representatives of government administrations, public employment services and social partner organisations as well as experts from the Western Balkans and Turkey, who are actively involved in the design and implementation of labour market policies. EC, ETF, Eurofound, and regional and international organisations were represented by senior management and senior expert level.

  • 13 Milocer Development Forum 2018

    Cetinje, September 13th,  2018

    Association of Economists and Managers of Montenegro, in cooperation with University of Donja Gorica and Baltic Management Development Association organized the twenty third Milocer Regional Development Forum in the period 20-21 September 2018 in Hotel “Grand” in Cetinje. The topic of this year’s forum was: “Economic Development Model Based on Tourism – Challenges and Threats”. Representatives of the ISSP, Mr. Vojin Golubovic and Mr. Milika Mirkovic discussed about the importance of tourism in macro modeling and tourism in the long-term forecasts of economic development of Montenegro.

    Please download Agenda.

  • 14 ISSP at Vienna EUROMOD Workshop

    Vienna, September 17-18, 2018

    ISSP representative Mr. Vojin Golubovic participated at Vienna EUROMOD Workshop organized by Eastern European Social Policy Network, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research during 17-18 September 2018. Workshop was aimed to discuss on potentials and directions of future research in the field, with special focus on Western Balkan countries, i.e. possibilities, potentials and challenges of the Western BalkanMod initiative.

  • 15 ISSP researchers participated at the COST meeting in Paris

    Paris, France, July 5-7, 2018

    ISSP has become a representative of Montenegro in the COST Action (European Cooperation in Science & Technology), so director of the Institute, Jadranka Kaludjerovic, and researcher Milos Djurovic, attended the COST meeting which took place in Paris from 5th to 7th of July. This COST Action is focused on processing and analysis of quantitative survey data to ethnic and migrant minorities – CA16111 International Ethnic and Immigrant Minorities’ Survey Data Network.

  • 16 ISSP researchers participated at “4th HenU/INFER Workshop on Applied Macroeconomics”

    Kaifeng, June 23-24, 2018

    In cooperation with KOF Swiss Economic Institute, ISSP researchers Vojin Golubovic and Milika Mirkovic presented paper The integration of Montenegro into the World Economy at 4th HenU/INFER Workshop on Applied Macroeconomics which was hosted by Henen University in Kaifeng in China on 23-24 June 2018. Paper is result of the project that ISSP conducts in cooperation with Swiss institute.

    For more detail please visit the website of the event.

  • 17 ISSP researcher participated at the Western Balkans Migration Network conference in Zagreb

    Zagreb, May 25-26, 2018


    ISSP researcher Milos Djurovic participated at the Third Annual Conference of the Western Balkans Migration Network (WB MIGNET) which took place in Zagreb from 25th to 26th of April. Topic of this year’s conference was ”A search for that special place under the sun in modern Europe: migration in the twenty first century” and it was characterized by different interdisciplinary panels and discussions on the topic of migraton.

  • 18 Road Safety in Montenegro

    Podgorica, March 22, 2018

    ISSP representatives participated at the event on the road safety organized by the UN System in Montenegro. The event gathered representatives of various national institutions and organisations working on road safety to jointly analyse innovative concept called “Social Impact Bond”. The concept aims at reducing deaths and injuries on the road through mobilizing innovative public instruments for funding interventions which would increase traffic security in Montenegro. ISSP representatives presented main findings of the road safety assessment in the country prepared under this UN initiative.

  • 19 ISSP researchers participated at Vienna Workshop on Economic Forecasting

    Vienna, February 15-16, 2018

    In cooperation with KOF Swiss Economic Institute, ISSP researchers Vojin Golubovic and Milika Mirkovic presented paper The Montenegrin Macroeconomic Forecasting Model at Vienna Workshop on Economic Forecasting which was hosted by Institute for Advance Studies in Vienna on 15-16 February 2018. Paper is result of the project that ISSP conducts in cooperation with Swiss institute.

    For more detail please visit the website of the workshop

  • 20 ISSP researchers participated at MENSEC 2017

    Podgorica, October 19th, 2017

    On 19th October 2017, Jadranka Kaludjerovic presented paper Synchronization of business cycle in region countries and Turkey at Mediterranean Natural Sciences and Engineering Congress (MENSEC 2017) which was hosted by University of Donja Gorica from 19 to 22 October 2017. The main theme was Scientific Cooperation and Science Diplomacy in Mediterranean Basin. Congress was organized by University of Donja Gorica, Yildirim Beyazit University, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, International University of Sarajevo, Necmettin Erbakan University and Manisa Celal Bayar University.

  • 21 ISSP researchers at KOF institute

    Zurich, October 16-20,  2017

    Under the project Increasing Analytical Capacities of ISSP, which ISSP is conducting in cooperation with KOF Institute from Zurich since 2015, four ISSP researchers spent one week at KOF as a visiting researchers. The aim of the visit was improvement of macroeconomic projections and defining the next steps within the project.

  • 22 ISSP received Gratitude from BMDA

    Podgorica, April 28th, 2017

    ISSP received Gratitude from Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) for being the partner of the 15th Annual BMDA Conference “You Don’t Have to Be Big to Be Successful”. The Conference was organized at University of Donja Gorica on 26-28 April 2017. Representatives of ISSP participated in the Conference.

  • 23 Press conference: Projections of Montenegrin macroeconomic trends

    Podgorica, April 24th, 2017

    Researchers from ISSP and KOF Institute presented the first forecasts of macroeconomic trends of Montenegro. The key speakers at the conference were Jadranka Kaludjerovic, director of ISSP, Vojin Golubovic researcher and researcher from KOF Institute Michale Graff and Yngve Abrahamsen. Projected GDP growth rate for 2017 is 4.1%.

Projects in focus

Young Rural NEETs-4

The work of our colleague, Melisa Muratovic, within the international COST action – Young Rural NEETs – was published by Sage Journal. Other authors of this paper include experts from Portugal, Turkey and Hungary. The goal of their activities is the affirmation of young rural NEETs within strategic and development documents, as well as the inclusion of this group in scientific and research discourse. The issue of the position and living conditions of these young people is often left out, and their vulnerability is best illustrated by key-words

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Our colleague, Vojin Golubovic, is the author of a newly published study – “How migration, human capital and the labor market interact in Montenegro”. The preparation of this study is part of a regional project (covering six Western Balkan countries), implemented by the European Training Foundation (ETF), under the supervision of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw).

This paper indicates the main migration trends and destination countries, and further explains push and pull factors based on available data. Migration flows are given in relation to the labour market situation and the education system. The aim is to suggest

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ISSP attended a meeting today, organized by OECD, which gathered Montenegrin public sector representatives and national experts to discuss the results presented in a newly published –  Competitiveness in South East Europe 2021: A Policy Outlook. ISSP contributed to the creation of the report by providing an independent assessment.

You may find the full PDF version of the report bellow.