How migration, human capital and the labour market interact in Montenegro

A working meeting was held today, within which the draft version of the study – ′′ How migration, human capital and labour Market interact in Montenegro ” was presented.

This study is part of a regional project that looks at migration trends of the Western Balkan countries over the past decade. Also, the study discusses the effects of these movements on the human capital and the labor market in the countries. According to UN data, only 4,027 people have left Montenegro in the last ten years. However, the data on the movements of Montenegrin emigrants towards the Western European countries show that their number is now as much as five times higher than ten years ago. The largest group among those who leave is made up of low-qualified.

Also, the findings of the study emphasize that in Montenegro there is no such trend as so-called “brain drain”, but rather a trend of “brain gain”.

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