Projects » Economy and finance

A Structural Macroeconometric Forecasting Model for Montenegro (2015-2018)

The new role of CSOs in the implementation and monitoring of public policy at the local level

The Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014

VIBE – Venture Initiative in the Balkans Europe (ongoing)

The Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013

Analytical basis for economic decision process with the special focus on the fiscal policy decisions (2008-2009)

Economic analysis of the impact of industry on the macroeconomic situation in Montenegro (2008)

Socio Economic Analysis of Northern Montenegrin Region (2007-2008)

Transaction costs in Montenegro (2003)

Companies’ takeover and needs for its regulation in Montenegro (2003)

Montenegro Investment Environment Diagnostic (2003)

Economic Reforms Agenda for Montenegro (2003)

Economic Policy for Montenegro for 2003 and 2004

Transition Report (2003)

Handbook on the New Business Environment in Montenegro

National Integrity system (2001)

Privatization in the West Balkans with special emphasis on Montenegro (2001)

Montenegro as micro state (2001)

Future of Montenegro (2001)

Obstacles to Trade, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness (2001)

On the Criteria for economic reforms in Montenegro (international issues) (2001)

Capital Market Development in Montenegro (2001)

Banking Sector Survey (2001)

Program of Fiscal Reform in Montenegro (1999)

War damages estimation (1998)

Monetary reform in Montenegro and introduction of DM (1998)

New concept of privatization in Montenegro (1998)

Conceptual basis of economic reforms in Montenegro (1998)