In search of economic freedom

Authors: Igor Luksic, Milorad Katnic, Vladimir Kavaric

(Original title “U potrazi za ekonomskim slobodama”)
Published in 2010
Available in Montenegrin language

The book represents a set of articles and papers that are connected with a unique idea of economic freedom. The topics vary from history, optimal framework for economic growth and development, to analysis of implementation of economic liberalism and its effects on Montenegrin economic system and its competitiveness on the global market.


The unaccepted Agenda of Economic Reform and Development of Montenegro 2007-2011

Authors: Team of professionals led by Veselin Vukotic

(Original title “Neprihvacena agenda ekonomskih reformi i razvoja Crne Gore 2007-2011
Published in 2007
Available in English and Montenegrin language

The Agenda was written as ordered by the Government of Montenegro and was not adopted by it. The basis of the proposed Agenda lean on the long term vision of development of Montenegro (until 2030); on the need that Government focuses on the development while creating a high quality economy, instead of focusing on Keynesian policies that are oriented on macro-economic stability but tend to alleviate poverty instead of reducing it.


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Demographic changes and economic development


Author: Maja Bacovic

(Original title “Demografske promjene i ekonomski razvoj”)
Published in 2006
Available in Montenegrin language

The book looks at both theoretical and practical part of the issue; compares domestic and international experience, and applies it to Montenegro. Besides quantitative analysis of demographic changes, the book also indicates the importance of human capital as an engine of economic growth.

Conceptual Basis of the New Economic System in Montenegro

Author: Veselin Vukotic

(Original title “Koncepcijske osnove novog ekonomskog sistema u Crnoj Gori”)
Published in 2005
Available in Montenegrin language

The author tends to provide an answer to the following question: What is the most appropriate economic system for Montenegro, considering the needs of increasing the economic efficiency and improving citizens’ standard of life.


Author: Veselin Vukotic

(Original title “Konstitucionalna ekonomija”)
Published in 2005
Available in Montenegrin language

The book Constitutional Economics represents a collection of selected texts and quotes selected and commented by Mr. Vukotic. In his review of the book Miroslav Prokopijevic has underlined following: “Vukotic has selected topics that are essential for constitutional economics, political theory and economics and by his short but lucid comments has pointed out key issues in selected texts. This book, undoubted, has educational character and is suitable for work with students, but it will be interesting to broader group or readers. This is true both, because of text selection as well as witted and important comments

This book serves as literature on the graduate course »Constitutional Economics«, as well as for the “Philosophy of Economics” on the Montenegrin School of Economics.


Author: Maja Bacovic, MSci

(Original title “Sistem nacionalnih racuna”)
Published in 2003
Available in Montenegrin language

The book System of National Accounts gives an overview of international statistical standards, by summarizing main concepts and definition of System of National Account, as developed by World Bank, IMF, OECD and UN. This book also gives an insight into Montenegrin statistical system, as well as review of necessary steps and activities in order to adjust the Montenegrin system to international standards.

This book is an additional literature for the graduate course “Macroeconomic accounts and models” on the Montenegrin School of Economics.


Author: Igor Lukšic, MSci

(Original title “Spontani poredak i tranzicija”)
Published in 2003
Available in Montenegrin language

This book describes a transition process as a return to liberal values and to the mechanism of spontaneous order. First part of the book refers to critics of collectivism and totalitarism. The second part analyses liberal state, while the third part discusses practical consequences of spontaneous order in the field different economic policies. The forth part gives an overview of Austrian school response to the transition process.


Author: Frederic Bastiat
Translation: Petar Ivanovic

(Original title “Ono što se vidi ono što se ne vidi”)
Published in 2001
Available in Montenegrin language.

What is Seen and What is Not Seen is a book that consists of translation of three essays of the Frederic Bastiat: State, What is Seen and What is Not Seen, and Law. The book is published in honor of 200 years from the Frederic Bastiat’s birth.