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Good practice examples: Economic Reform Program in the region

The analysis "Good Practice Examples: Economic Reform Program in the Region" aims to offer civil society organizations a comprehensive understanding of Economic Reform Program (ERP) across seven participating countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Turkey. The analysis delves into the progress each country has achieved since initiating the first ERP, emphasizing the mechanisms facilitating stakeholder engagement in the consultation process. The findings reveal a common challenge across almost all countries implementing ERP — the inefficiency of the consultative process. Remarkably, the official documents for the 2023-2025 period lack any input from the civil sector in most countries. The analysis underscores the prevalent issue of inadequate public dialogue and civil society consultations, not only in ERP but also in shaping other public policies and reform processes, particularly in the Western Balkan region. The publication provides insights into the challenges of consultative processes within ERP-adopting countries and offers relevant recommendations for addressing these issues.
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