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Social Exclusion and Labour Market Challenges in the Western Balkans Social Exclusion and Labour Market Challenges in the Western Balkans

This edited volume focuses on the challenges facing the Western Balkan countries in their efforts to deal with social exclusion and social inequality while making progress in their reform efforts to join the European Union. It examines how states have failed to offer adequate social protection to those excluded from labour markets, including women, young people, and Roma ethnic minorities, a process that has driven high rates of outward migration. It also provides a detailed introduction to the main conclusions of the various contributions gathered here, and an overview of the lessons learned, which will be of direct interest to policy makers and practitioners in the field of social cohesion in the Western Balkans.

The chapters of this book are revised and updated versions of papers that were first presented at a conference of the LSEE Research Network on Social Cohesion held in Skopje in 2017, comprising the latest research by leading scholars from the region.

Researchers from ISSP, Jadranka Kaluderovic and Milika Mirkovic, are the authors of a chapter of the book that discusses the education system in Montenegro and the challenges young people face in finding employment. Recognized problems include a lack of skills, particularly a lack of practical experience during the study period, limited job market opportunities, and the mismatch between the education system and the needs of the labor market.

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