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REGIONAL FOOD AND ENERGY TRADE: Evidence from Western Balkan region and Montenegro

This comprehensive analysis of food and energy trade provides insight into the complex network of connections at the regional level, economic dependence and sustainability challenges arising from them. The goal of the analysis is to provide insight and a broader picture of trade relations between the countries of the region, giving an overview of food and energy exchanges and mutual dependence.

Thus, an overview of research and works that dealt with trade exchange in general and exchange of food and energy in the region was given. In the second part, there is an overview of food and energy trade at the regional level, where a comparison of exports and imports between countries is presented, indicating mutual connection and dependence. In the last part, the situation in Montenegro is presented. Specifically, an overview of the current state of international food and energy exchange, the potential that Montenegro possesses in order to improve the situation in this area, is given.

The case study on Montenegro delved into greater detail on certain topics due to the country’s unique position and potential within the region. Montenegro’s energy export and import patterns, for example, were discussed in depth to explore the country’s role in regional energy security and market dynamics. These topics were highlighted to assess Montenegro’s trade potential and energy strategy in the context of regional interconnectedness and reliance on imports.

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