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Economy in the history of Eric Hobsbawm

Author: Vojin Golubović
(Original title “Ekonomija u istoriji Erika Hobsbauma”)
Published in 2022
Available in Montenegrin language.

The book "Economy in the history of Eric Hobsbawm" represents the doctoral thesis of Vojin Golubovic, which was defended in July 2020 at the doctoral studies "International Economy" at the Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business, University of Donja Gorica. The book deals with the research of the problem of "uneasy coexistence " and the closedness of the sciences, above all of economics, towards history. Therefore, the study of the scientific thought of the historian Eric Hobsbawm was an ideal platform for testing a different approach to understanding economic thoughts and ideas, with a different view of the study of the past.

Publication can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

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