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Within this project twelve think tanks from the Western Balkans, including ISSP, are financially supported to perform research on the proposed topic, different for each programme year. In addition, the programme provides capacity building in the form of seminars offered to the members of the chosen think tanks.

ISSP has proposed to do research called “In search for new employment policy options”. The main goal of proposed research is to analyse employment policy in Montenegro, primarily active labour market measures in order to assess their impact on labour market situation in Montenegro and based on this analysis propose changes in their design, way of implementation and scope. Also, project would monitor implementation of the activities related to the employment and human resource development policy according to the action plan for the implementation of the Strategy in order to give inputs and suggestions for the action plan for 2014, that would be drafted by the Government during the last quarter of 2013.

Advocating reforms and facilitating the communication of economic and social change through data, analysis, and publications