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REGIONAL FOOD AND ENERGY TRADE: Evidence from Western Balkan region and Montenegro
Research among the NEET population in five municipalities in Montenegro: Bijelo Polje, Gusinje, Mojkovac, Plav and Rozaje
Good practice examples: Economic Reform Program in the region
Underrated economy “Women have no time to change the nation: they are busy with housework"
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Our research methods, which encompass surveys, in-depth analysis, policy analysis, and economic modeling, provide a platform for constructive debate. This enables government entities and the business community to make well-informed decisions grounded in unbiased, thoroughly researched data. Furthermore, ISSP's surveys and national and regional seminars have played a pivotal role in motivating decision makers to address critical issues and define priorities in our region and beyond.

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As the first independent economic think tank in Montenegro, ISSP boasts two decades of experience in conducting high-quality research and analysis.

Our research think tank is dedicated to analyzing and shaping economic growth and development policies. We employ a multifaceted approach, utilizing various research methods including surveys, in-depth analysis, policy analysis, and economic modeling. These techniques help us explore the intricacies of economic systems, identify opportunities for sustainable growth, and advocate for policies that benefit all strata of society. Through rigorous research and data-driven insights, we strive to provide a solid foundation for economic prosperity.

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Understanding the dynamic nature of the labor market and the welfare of workers is at the heart of our work. Our research approach allows us to investigate the impact of labor policies, social safety nets, and workforce changes. By employing these diverse research methods, our goal is to equip policymakers and stakeholders with valuable information to create a more equitable and secure environment for the labor force.

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In a rapidly evolving digital world, our think tank specializes in evaluating the business landscape and the integration of digital technologies. We focus on fostering innovation, improving regulations, and ensuring a favorable business environment. Through our research, we provide insights that empower businesses and policy decision makers to thrive in the digital age.

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Our research spans demographics, migration, and gender issues. We delve into the trends, challenges, and opportunities arising from demographic shifts, migration patterns, and gender equality. By examining these aspects, we aim to promote social inclusion and address disparities.

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Education and skills development are essential for personal growth and economic progress. We explore education systems, lifelong learning, and skills training. Our research contributes to informed policies that enhance educational quality and accessibility, ensuring individuals are equipped for the demands of the modern world.

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Our commitment to environmental sustainability drives our research on climate change and energy policies. We explore innovative solutions, evaluate the impact of climate change, and advocate for responsible energy practices. Our work supports a greener, more sustainable future for all.

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Health and well-being are vital for a thriving society. We investigate healthcare systems, public health, and well-being indicators. Our research is designed to guide policymakers in creating healthier and more resilient communities, ultimately improving the quality of life for all.

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